Peep Toe Heels from Payless (Fioni)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hello everyone! I know you've already seen this pair of peep toe heels from Fioni in this post, but I want to write an entire entry for this one since Payless actually has an ongoing sale that includes this particular design. They are now selling selected shoes at 50% off! Great deal indeed!

I'm not sure if it is happening in all of their branches, but the promo that I saw was in Robinsons Galleria. I got this pair for Php1250.00 two years ago, and paying half the price for this one is definitely a good buy! So, if you are on the hunt for a new pair of shoes, you might want to check the nearest Payless Shoe Source branch near you. Happy shopping then!

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  1. Just too pretty. BTW, have you done a shoe organization post?

    1. hi sis! thank you :) regarding the post, I haven't done one. I only use those plastic shoe rack from sm department store. Maybe if i find/bought something interesting for my shoes then i will sis :)

  2. The shoes are really cute! I love your template design! :D followed you! Would you like to follow each other, please?

    1. hi jillian! i'm following your blog too! great day :)

  3. They are really beautiful and pretty. I am in love with the peep toe heels. I want to share a website which have available a huge range of peep toe heels in beautiful designs and colors. I am sharing that website, girls visit there for sure to check out that beautiful range of sandles.

  4. Wow ! nice colour of sandal & also like sandal....................visit our sites for getting high heels on another stylish trendy footwear or clothes.


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